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Dealing with shoulder pain? Limited mobility hurting your performance in overhead lifts? No worries…we’ve got you covered with these exercises designed to open up your shoulder mobility!

Up first we have the prayer stretch (aka the bench stretch). This is a very easy to set up drill with only a bench, couch, or chair needed. But a few subtle changes can really impact where this drill works. If you focus on arching your upper back this becomes a great thoracic mobility exercise. Tuck your tailbone under you and you’ll bias the lats a bit more. Grab a PVC pipe and have a wide grip and the lats and external rotators will be placed under more stretch. Lots of great options for this drill!

Shoulder CARs (controlled articular rotations) are a favorite of ours to get after improving your active mobility. Many individuals have great passive motion but can’t actively get into those positions. This drill bridges that gap.

The goblet squat and press is deceiving. It looks easy but it is far from it! Grab a light weight and keep your elbows tight as you press overhead. You’ll quickly see why this is one of our favorite drills for improving your overhead mobility.

Eccentrics (where a lift is slowly lowered into a stretched position) are a great way to open up shoulder mobility while getting you a bit stronger. For lat flexibility, this eccentric drill is one of our favorites. Go slow and controlled throughout the rep to get the most out of it.

Our final move is the foam roll up wall. By pressing into the foam roller before rolling up you’ll activate some of the muscles that help your shoulder blade move. This can be a game changer for your shoulder mobility.

Ready to get serious about improving your shoulder health and getting out of pain? Our team specializes in shoulder pain and we’d love to help you out. Schedule an appointment today!