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Overhead Squat Shoulder Pain Video Transcript:

One of the common thing of we treat here at Onward is overhead squat shoulder pain in the functional fitness athletes that we’ve worked with a lot. This is because the overhead squat position with a really wide grip bar held overhead can be a stressful position on the shoulder. If you don’t have good strength and mobility around that area this stress is increased.

We’re going to go through three drills that we commonly use with people dealing with that overhead squat shoulder pain to help them through.

The Exercises

Up first, we’re going to stretch the lats. The lats run in your upper back, and a lot of times when the lats are tight, it prevents you from being able to get to a really good overhead position for the overhead squat.

To stretch those, you’re going to get in front of a box, and we’re going to have our elbows right on the edge of the box, and we’re going to drop our hip through with our tailbone tucked underneath us. That combination will allow us to really stretch the lats out.

The second exercise we’re going to do, it’s going to help open up the upper back. Our thoracic spine was really important to getting into a good overhead position. If that’s a little stiff, it’s going to make our shoulders have to work a little harder in the extreme range of motion that overhead squat puts us in.

We’re going grab a really light kettle bell, drop down into a squat, and we’re going to keep our elbows tucked nice and close as we press overhead. As we press overhead, that’s going to really work on driving our upper back into extension and improving our mobility there.

Exercise number three is going to work on strengthening the back side of the shoulder, our rotator cuff, so they get stronger and better able to stabilize weight overhead. I’m going to take Crossover Symmetry, you can use any resistance band, and we’re going to do an external rotation where I’m working on getting my the forearm perpendicular to the ground with my upper arm parallel to the ground.

Then from there, we’re going to press overhead going into our overhead squat. We’re going to do a couple sets just until the back side of our shoulders really burn. Those three exercises are some really good moves to put into a plan to get you out of shoulder pain in the overhead squat position.

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