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At Onward, we employ a wide range of tools to get you back to health and performing at levels you never thought possible! Our blog is one resource to continue learning new ideas for your health journey!

Can I CrossFit During Pregnancy?

Can I CrossFit During Pregnancy?

When you’re pregnant, you get (often unsolicited) advice everywhere you go. When it comes to physical activity that advice variation can be insanely varied. On one hand, your in-laws are telling you to not pick up a laundry basket. On the contrary, your friend is...

Overhead Squat Shoulder Pain

Overhead Squat Shoulder Pain Overhead Squat Shoulder Pain Video Transcript: One of the common things we treat here at Onward is overhead squat shoulder pain in the functional fitness athletes. This is because the overhead squat position (really wide...

Best Hip Impingement Stretches

Best Hip Impingement Stretches Suffering from femoracetabular impingement? Dr. Zach Long is a sports physical therapist in Charlotte, NC who specializes in helping individuals dealing with this painful condition. We'd love to help get you on the road for...

Hip Pain During Squats

Hip Pain During Squats Hip Pain During Squats Video Transcript: Hey, what's going on everybody? Zach Long here, Doctor of Physical Therapy,talking about the best stretches for dealing with hip pain during your squats. This is often referred to as...

Running Postpartum

Running Postpartum

For endurance athletes getting back to running postpartum is a huge goal. Having a child is life changing coming with many good things but also lots of increased stress. Running for so many is a fantastic outlet for this stress but lots of misinformation exists about...

Best Shoulder Mobility Exercises

Best Shoulder Mobility Exercises

Dealing with shoulder pain? Limited mobility hurting your performance in overhead lifts? No worries...we've got you covered with these exercises designed to open up your shoulder mobility! Prayer Stretch First, we have the prayer stretch (aka the bench stretch). This...

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